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With this experience and knowledge our company was founded, to help other new business start ups, websites and small businesses to become more successful by maximising sales and reducing costs, while avoiding some of the time consuming pitfalls that exist. Over the past four years we have worked with 100s of companies.

Our areas of expertise are in:

  • New start up advice
  • Building and designing cashflow plans & business plans for start ups, expansions and/or funding
  • Designing budgets and forecasts
  • Retail help for operational issues carried out to help you maximise sales
  • Dealing with theft and securing your business
  • Custom website design

Our consultants

Our in-house SEO consultants have earned their experience working for national and international blue chip companies, as well as spending the last few years working together managing smaller businesses. It became increasingly obvious that there was a need for a company with a strong, very real operational background to provide real solutions to operational issues with a hands on approach.

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